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Channel your inner hip-hop vibes with the Fresh Culture Biggie Bear shirt. This iconic design pays homage to the legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G., combining his signature style with a playful twist. The Biggie Bear graphic showcases a larger-than-life bear rocking the iconic crown and chains, capturing the essence of Biggie's larger-than-life persona. With its bold and eye-catching design, this shirt is a must-have for music and fashion enthusiasts alike. Show off your love for hip-hop culture with the Fresh Culture Biggie Bear shirt.

Fresh Culture Biggie Bear

Excluding Sales Tax

      Iron Instructions 

      1. Inside out on low 

      Washing Instructions 

      Step 1. Turn your T-shirt inside out.

      Step 2. Fill your washing machine with cold water.

      Step 3. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach.

      Step 4. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

      Step 5. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.

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